Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Please Keep Your Snoring to A Minimum When Reading This Post....

Tried to post yesterday, but it kept rejecting my post. So needless to say even blogger thinks I am way to boring to print.

Nothing happening here. The rain is coming so I am in a funk at this point. I think it also maybe PMS showing up. Oh great.

So here is a rundown of what excitement has happened since last wednesday:

had a busy Thursday-Saturday at work last week
went grocery shopping to the "new" Safeway. They just updated everything, and had mega sampling everywhere, so every free-loader in a 20 mile radius of Safeway was out eating free shit and wouldn't get out of my way.

took my inlaws to the airport on Halloween. So my halloween was spent mostly in my car as an airport shuttle.

Went on a Dog-igloo quest as the pups are getting to be too big for one Dog-igloo, so went to Target, Petco and Wallyworld trying to find the one we purchased originally. Target didn't have any, Petco was way overpriced, so ended up at Wallyworld where I remembered they did have them. Only to have poor Satan go back last night to exchange the one I bought, as there were broken pieces. Motherfuckers.

Took too much Nyquil last night, as I thought I was coming down with a cold, so O.D'ed on it at 6pm, and by 7pm I was fast asleep on the couch. Where I don't even remember getting up and going to bed. But somehow I got there, as that is where I woke up this morning.

Thats it kids. And you wonder why I haven't posted for a week. My life is one bore after another.

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