Friday, November 04, 2005

Certified Crazy

First of all, thanks to Mz. Chicken for coming out to the West Coast and hanging with me and the ditzy hairdressers! Hope they amused you as much as they always seem to amuse me!

Still not much happenin' here. However, I did realize today why Satan and I moved way out here in the middle of nowhere, the neighbors will never know how truly insane I am.
Can you imagine if we did live in Suburbia and the nosey neighbor heard this from the other side of the fence:

"Leo, please don't eat the puke on the floor......"
"Spirit, for god's sake, stop humping your sister......"
"You boys are not coming inside until you poop and pee out here......"
"Willow, for god's sake, stop humping your brother......"
"Satan, its your turn to feed the kids", " no its not I fed them last night, its your turn" "no its not, I fed them last night.....or did I ?"
"Leo, please take the dead mouse out of your mouth......"
"Willow, would you please stop bringing dried turds into this house!"
"Satan do you want to eat the last eyeball, or can I have it?"

Just another day in the life here at the coven......................

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