Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Curse of the Evil Spawn........

So lets see what has happened since Saturday:

Went to see Hil and Liz on Saturday. Went shopping with Liz and Jen. Went over to Hil's house and waited for her to come home from the CAbi party. She called while I was on my way to her house asking if it was ok that evil spawn and baby sitter was still there. I could either hang out with them, or relieve baby sitter of her evil spawn duties. Uh, thats not gonna happen. So baby sitter and evil spawn hung out back in the bedrooms while I read magazines until Hil and CAbi chicka came home. (Liz had to leave me as she had a family outing at Benny Hana's she had to go to)......Liz did show up later that eve for drinks and chit chat......

Sunday rolled around and had brunch at a cool little resturant down by the ocean. Evil Spawn of course screamed and cried through most of it. Went back to Hil's house and helped get ready for the CAbi party ( this party is the one that Liz had previously spent $2000 at, which at the time I couldn't understand why....) Clothes were actually pretty cool. Found a really cool jacket, and a sweater. Woo Hoo. Another evil spawn girl entered the picture somewhere in the early afternoon. The evil spawn and I went rounds (yes, I can go rounds with a 4 year old.....) about a star wars dvd. I think he may have put a curse on me........

You see, back on Halloween Hil came down with the evil spawn 24 hour puking disease. Evil spawn had acquired it the previous week, and past it along to Hil. She told us about her pukefest on Saturday evening.

So Monday morning comes around. I am sitting on the couch. So happy I have Monday off. Starting to watch Regis and Kelly (why in gods name I don't know....) and took a sip of my coffee........moments later........oh my god, I think I am gonna spew...........went running to the bathroom just in the nicky of time as my one sip of coffee and everything else in my being came rip roaring out of me......and continued to do so on the hour every hour until 3:30 pm that afternoon. Satan did come home to look after me as when he called about 1:30pm he said I sounded funny......oh, just been having a date with Mr. Porcelain most of the day......so he came home right as my last puking finished.........the rest of the eve was sprent going in and out of a coma on the couch. Waking up to major back pain and stomach pains.

Tuesday I woke up feeling much better, although I have only eaten a bowl of chicken soup and 2 pieces of toast for the whole entire day. Grocery shopping was difficult, Satan was kind enough to stay home with me to help out, otherwise, we would still have no food in this house.

So was it the curse of the Evil Spawn, or was it the fact that Regis and Kelly actually made me sick to my stomach??????????

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