Monday, July 18, 2005

Snoozin, On a Monday Afternoon

Ok, Mondays just aren't the same anymore.....I am no longer pissed off at the world having to talk to the evil boss on our conference calls.....

My day started by after seeing Satan off to work, going back to bed and sleeping....then taking the dogs on their walk.....drinking coffee on the back deck........and the most stressful thing so far....doing the laundry! So what is left on the agenda for the day:

going to the bank to deposit my bonus I got from my ex-job that arrived in the mail on Saturday.

going to buy some new shoes.........buying toothpaste for Satan, (who neglected to tell me he needed more when I went to Safeway on Saturday) and no, he doesn't use my toothpaste, as he hates the taste of regular toothpaste, so for Satan, I have to buy evil spawn bubble gum flavored toothpaste!

Yeah, the day looks rough.......think I may need to take a nap around 2, just to slow down this hectic pace I seem to be in!

Oh, and Jen, how are your legs today???

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