Monday, March 07, 2005

Down In The Dirt............

Not much to report about.....this weekend was great as the sun was out and it was nearly 80 degrees up here! Satan and I went to a garden place on Sunday and bought two really cool trees for our backyard! One is called a weeping cherry tree. It should be way cool when full grown. We planted it so it will hang over the pond.

Also bought some seeds for my veggie garden. So was out pulling weeds and seeding my veggie garden.

So it was a very nature like weekend we had. There is no drama when you are out with nature. The only drama I had was that the hummingbird feeders were empty for a couple of days, so I was in a panic thinking my hummingbirds had gone. But no, once feeders were back up and running, the little dudes were back!

Today we are having a huge pile o' dirt being delivered. So once that is delivered think I will say goodbye to my office day and head out back and become one with the dirt...............

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