Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Seeing Things

I have noticed a pattern about myself. I have noticed it for awhile, but again this month, it has really been apparent. What am I talking about....Well my clairvoyance, seems to be at its peak during pms. I know that I am from a family of "see-ers", as grandmother used to channel and do readings all the time. Anyway, in the past week, the following has occurred:

1. Had a really bazaar dream about my coworker the other night, the night before she went to the doctor for her checkup. In the dream I saw her get shot through the heart (not by Bon Jovi mind you) . I wasn't there in the dream, I just saw her get shot. It was rather upsetting as you can imagine. I even woke up from this dream in gasps and was on the verge of tears.

So as you can imagine, I called coworker the next day, but she didn't return my call. I called her again the next day, still no answer. I finally spoke with her on Monday, and she said everything was fine. So I am thinking, ok, its just a freaky dream.....Then on Tuesday, I spoke with her again. She said that during her checkup she had an e.k.g. done....Just routine, the doc says....But the he called her on Tuesday to tell her it looks like she has had a heart attack......Ok, now my dream makes sense.....

2. My fellow student at school is coming in and out of the class room having a frantic look round, she had walked in and put her book bag down. Comes in and out again, relooking through book bag......" What are you looking for" I say to her......."My glasses, I just waxed this woman, and I put my glasses down...Now I can't find them".........So I look at her book bag, and say to her, " they are in there" pointing to her makeup bag that is sitting in her book bag. " but I didn't put them in there, I didn't bring that in there" she says. "humor me please, they are in there." "ok, she says, but you look, because I know they aren't in there." "ok," I say...And proceed to unzip makeup bag.....And there at the bottom are her glasses. "Are these them?" I ask....She looks at me quite oddly...."How did you know?" "don't ask......" I tell her.

3. Supposed to meet up with boss today. It is my day to have her ride along with me. I usually don't go to school on these days, as the day is so long and tiring I can't do both. But this morning, I wake up at usual going to school time, and get ready for school, knowing I have to be with boss today. I get to school and keep my phone out. Usually I put it away in my bag, and check messages at the break. I knew I would be meeting up with boss at 11am at a designated account....But still know that I need to keep my phone out. I know she will be calling me to cancel. I just know it. Even though we confirmed everything last night. I know that phone is going to ring. And sure enough at the time I thought, the phone rings, its her, no she won't be meeting with me today as she had something come up she needs to attend to.

Now if only I could get a feeling like I was going to win the lottery.....

And last but not least, there are two new students that started class about two weeks ago. I noticed when I am around this one student, I feel myself getting really really angry. So I have to go in another room away from her, and sure enough, feeling goes away. Now I don't know her, haven't spoken with her much, and she doesn't seem to be strange in anyway. But I have tested this a few times, I have found myself getting that angry feeling, I turn around, and low and behold she has walked in the room. The other day we were practicing our facials, and she came over and asked me a question, when she did, I felt like I was going to punch her. It was the oddest feeling. And then the other day when she came over and tapped me on the shoulder to ask me something again, and the energy that I felt zap my back was bazaar. The only other time I have felt that was when mangey was being chased by a ghost and the ghost ran into me as Mangey walked by me. So there is something definitely strange with that chick's mojo.....

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