Monday, March 14, 2005

Eeewwwee That Smell...Can't You Smell That Smell....

I was up in Eureka today seeing one of my accounts. How come the whole town smells like piss? No wonder people walk around with a pissed off look on their faces up there, I would too if I had to smell that all day. It seriously smelled like driving through the largest public toilet in the world. I think the stench is coming from the bay. Is that where their sewage goes to? Eeeuuwww!!!

At least it was a nice day to drive through the redwoods. There was no one on the road at all so it was very peaceful. Only the piss city tore me out of my peaceful bliss.

In other news, it was so windy last night! Wholly shit! I thought that there was a tornadeo coming through the house. Willow was growling like something was out on the back deck, as you could here all this shit being blown all over the place. Satan is blistfully sleeping next to me, nothing can wake this man! So I get up and peer out the blinds to see what is going on out there and to my horror I see all the seeds I had planted just that day being blown all over the place...cucumber seeds, sunflowers, and gords being tossed from one end of the deck to the other! So here I am at 2:30 in the morning chasing these airborn seeds all over the deck......and Satan just keeps on sleeping on and on and on....whats that saying about waking the dead? I think the dead would be awake long before Satan decides to wake up!

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