Sunday, April 03, 2005

Ghosts in the Machine

This one is for the Knees:

My mother had a heart attack one October that brought my whole family together in Suckto (sacramento, for those of you who don't know how sucky it truly is). Mangey Cur, Rantboy and myself were staying at my mums house which was directly across the street from older sisters house. We were there to cover the night shift, making sure my mum was ok in the evenings and stuff.

So, after we put mum and grandmother to bed, we are sitting out in the family room watching the tv. We knew that the old owner and his wife both died in the house, and from what we knew of them they were pretty nice old people. But my oldest sister had said that mum kept talking about the ladys that hung out with her and stuff, and that she sometimes would feel cold in certain spots of the house, and at other times my sister heard voices in different rooms, and one of the times she had seen "something" throwing nick nacks off of my mums shelfs without anyone around......Anyway, so Mangey is walking from the kitchen into the living room and walking toward me and rantboy in the family room. Rantboy is sitting with his back to Mangey in my mums chair, while I am facing Rantboy on the couch. I can see Mangey approaching from the corner of my left eye. And I also see something that I can only describe as when the Predator (if any of you have seen the Predator movies) in his cloaked state where he looks like a vapor, moving fast behind Mangey. As she passes by me, I can see this "thing" moving faster, however this thing runs into me and passes into my left side, goes through me, and exists me on my right hand side, then turns the corner and runs back into the kitchen. Rantboy says, ok there is some weird shit going on in this house, did you see that go into the kitchen.....

At this time, my whole left side feels like I have been struck by lightening. I say to Rantboy and Mangey, uh yeah, what ever that was, just chased Mangey through the living room, and ran into me.......

Mangey is then rather bummed that she missed the whole thing, although what ever "it" was, was chasing after her......

Anyway, I tell Mangey about how weird my left side is feeling at the moment, and that my left wrist feels like I have carple tunnel, and can she help me, being that she is a massage therapist and all ( at the time Mangey was still in Massage School) and being she needed to practice her shiatsu massage technique, could she do it on she says no problem...well what went on for about an hour after that was like she was performing an exorcism on me.......I was uncontrolably rolling around on the floor and flipping like a fish...I kid you was the oddest thing....not to mention after about an hour my flipping fish manuevers started to slowly stop. But what was weird about it, I had no idea I was flipping as much as I was until I opened my eyes up and Mangey and Rantboy telling me that whatever had run into me had left some serious ju ju in me as that was the freakiest shiatsu massage Mangey had ever done.

Now like I said in my last post, that was the only time I have felt this way, until this woman enrolled in my school, she has some very strange mo jo(magic) or ju ju in her, as on Saturday she came in for a couple of hours. Well, she comes in and sits behind me, and I am thinking, ok, its all in your mind.....don't think about it...but about 15 minutes goes by, and I suddenly start getting this creeping major back ache pain...its so bad, that I have to stand up and try and work it out....everyone in the room are like, are you ok, you don't look to good, I am all, well my back is seriously gone into a spasm, I think I will sit over here. I moved over to the other side of the room away from her, and wouldn't ya know it within about 5 minutes of being away from her, the spasm went away......however my left hand that was hit by the ghost that chased Mangey has been hurting like crazy ever feels like I have carple tunnel again.....Mangey, are you available for another shiatsu exorcism anytime soon??

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