Sunday, April 24, 2005

Don't You Just Love The Smell Of Death In The Morning......

I survived the sales meeting.. barely. I really need to get out of here as soon as I can find a salon to work in. Can you say micro managing to the extreme. Fuckers. I hate corporate fucks. Everyone is all scared and worried that they are going to lose their jobs. I on the other hand would be happy as fuck if I got my marching papers. But no such luck, they know I am in hell and would rather keep me, then to see me happy. I spit on their corporate haircuts.

7 days left till I am done with school!! YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our snake of 12 years died this morning. He (or she, we never knew) has now gone to serpent in peace o' snakey one.

This morning, I get out of bed to go and take the glorious first pee of the morning. And open our bedroom door to the smell of death. Not extreme death, just hint of death. And Willow (the littlest girl) goes running straight to the snake tank (which she never does). In her doggie way it was like she was saying, "OOOOOOOOOUUUU, I smell dead things!!!" So after I have my morning sit, I return to the bedroom to inform Satan that I think the snake has died. He goes out, and has a look, yeah, he looks pretty dead. ( how can you tell though if a snake is really dead, and not pretending to be dead?)

So, as we are still in sleep mode, we go back to bed for like 30 more minutes (he's dead, its not like he is going to go anywhere)......however dead things don't stay fresh once there we unfortuantely fell back to sleep, and was jolted out of bed by the phone ringing, Satan's dad is calling. So I think, right I will go and make some coffe...not remembering death out the door....and I open the door, and MAN! The smell of death, knocks you off your feet! This is now, bad, puke inducing bad. I slam the door shut I can't go out there. So I find two of Satan's scarfs and tie them around my nose and mouth.....ok I am goin in.......I make the fastest coffee I have ever made, and had to keep running back to the bedroom for safety. I opened all the windows that I could to let death out.

So finally Satan gets off the phone with his dad ( I have been outside the whole time after making coffe, as I can't be in the house, it reeks.) so we can dispose of corpse. Satan has gloves on , and has now a scarf around his mouth and nose as well. I have made the preperations, got big garbage bin liner ready for the snake to go in, and now I am outside, as the smell, is vomitious at this point. So I see through the window, Satan taking out limp body of snake and putting it in the bag....then I here puke coughing starting from Satan. He runs through the house with garbage bag flings bag outside on the porch, and runs to the backyard, as I start hearing hurling sounds coming from Satan. Oh my god, I couldn't stop laughing. I am bent over tears running down my face laughing at the site of Satan puking his guts out in the backyard.....he of course through his puke coughs is saying, hey, its not funny......don't laugh...and of course it makes it more funny.......and he in the midst of cough/puking is laughing too.......

So in conclusion of our vomitious morning........we do agree that the actors in CSI need to go and partake in some real death smells to get their acting better when they stumble across dead bloated bodies in boiling water........

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