Friday, April 15, 2005

It's the Final Countdown (yes, it is that dreaded 80's tune)

Its been a non newsworthy week in the Satan household. I wish I could give you some witty news of whats been happening in Beauty School, but thats been rather quiet as well. But I am sure tomorrow something will happen at school, as I am there ALL DAY!

I am trying to put in as many hours as I can so I can make my getting out of beauty school deadline of May 6th. I can do it! So Saturday will be a full 8 I am sure I will get an eye full of waxing to do tomorrow as the weather has turned nice and warm, and the legs will be bear looking to be waxed, just please no bikini pube clown car again!

However, Satan, myself, and our friend Chris will be going to Las Vegas on the 29th! They are going climbing, I will be in heaven at a skin and body expo for the Saturday and Sunday we are there....rows and rows of skincare and makeup to buy!! So can't wait! And alot of my buds from school are going, so I have plenty o people to hang with while Satan and Chris are climbing....

ok, but first, I best go and take a shower, as I am with the boss today.....back to life...back to reality.......pfft!

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