Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Pissed Kitty Wants To Know....

The lovely and talented Pissed Kitty emailed me these lovely questions to answer, so here is my reply oh pissed one:

1. What, if anything, scares you?
Besides when I was 15 when my father died of a heart attack, and I thought everyone else in my family would drop dead of one as well ( that can make you rather psycho at a rather young age)....I think it would be CLOWNS!!! Evil Evil CLOWNS!!

2. When wearing the color black, what is the best way to rid yourself of dog/animal/people hair? And what sort of makeup goes best with it?I can combine questions if I want. I am above the law.

Yes, Pisser you are above the law, so I will answer both, I do find that those roll-y tape on a stick thing works pretty well to rid yourself of unsightly dog/animal/people hair...(not to mention other peoples pubes you may come across while waxing Eweeeeeuuuuuhhhhhhhh!) And as regards to the makeup, the great thing about wearing black is that everything goes with it...Less hassle in the morning you see....And being that I am slapping makeup on myself at the wee hour of 4:45am every morning, it kinda helps that I will be wearing black that day...Problem solved....

.3. What is the best advice you can give others regarding how to get and stay married...?

Get married because you want to, not because you need to. Get married because you really are in love with that person, not infatuated, or in awe, or because maybe this is the only offer you will ever get.

Advice for staying married: If you got married for the right reasons, it is easy to stay married. I got married to the person I knew I was in love with and who loved me back. I stay married to him because he is my best friend, and I still love him as much if not more than when we first got married. Even though he can be a real pain in the ass sometimes ( and I know I can be a real pain in the ass most of the time!)

4. What is the grossest thing, besides the dreaded Brazilian, that you have to do as an aesthetician? (Did I spell that right...?)

Ok, the dreaded Brazilian wins hands down (or should I say pubes down) but what comes in a close second is squeezing someone else's puss filled zits. I nearly puked (literally) on this one poor guy it was so gross. I had to stop. (However, squeezing someone else's zits is a great appetite suppressant!)

5. While reading the journals of your single friends, do you:
a) shake your head and say "tsk, tsk"
b) laugh and shrug
c) Satan farted!
d) need someone to hold your head
e) wish you had a "special" brownie
f) all of the above
g) other?

It would definitely be "f", all of the above....As shaking head is a nightly occurrence while reading blogs (Liz and her bootie call experience), laughing and shrugging usually is done on the Mangey Cur Diaries, The Pissed Kitty, Liz, Chicken, Jen, Mz. Knees......(you get the picture), Satan farted! Happens anytime, anywhere....So that is a given, needing someone to hold my head usually happens while writing my own blog, wishing for that special brownie definitely would make some of the blogs make more sense...........

Thank you pisser for those fabulous questions, now do I have to pass this along to 5 other people? I will need email addresses if I do........... oh yeah, now read my other blog below people, where were you today........working or something?????

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