Monday, April 11, 2005

Return To Sender

I received a package from my older sis today......She always sends weird random stuff. She said she was "spring cleaning".....In other words, I found this crap in my house I no longer want....Here you can have it.....She used to do this when Mangey and I lived at home with her. She would do this with birthday and Christmas presents you had given her....And one day she would come across them thinking the length of time had passed that we would not remember that we had purchased her these presents.

"I found this in my closet, do you want it"...
"Uh no older sis, I gave that to you for Christmas"
"no you didn't! I purchased this awhile ago..."
"uh yeah, right, and no, I don't want it....."

So anyway, what did I get in the mail today....Ok, lets see.....Photos that Mangey had taken of Mt. Tam in 1993 ( did she think it was I who had taken these photos?) that she had mailed to our mum, a gross photo of me picking blackberries in Oregon with my mum, a photo of my mum picking blackberries (that made me sad, she looked so cute), a strange photo of Satan on top of a roof with really baggy sweats on, a photo of my mum, me, and Satan looking like one of those Russian dolls, that you open and there is a smaller one inside (don't ask, we are just in height order...), an 8x10 photo of me when I was 19 posing with "jazz" hands ( it was an "official" photo taken when I was in a dance troupe), information on how to give a breast exam...(is this for me or for Satan?), a broken alsheimers pin....(uh, was it broken when she mailed it?) and last but not least a pamphlet called the Spa Enthusiast. I must say the last one did come in handy as I went to the website and found some exciting information on spas.....

Gee, don't you wish you had a strange older sis like me....Oh yeah, Mangey, your package she told me is in the mail to you as well.....

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