Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Money For Nothing

Yet another item stolen from Jen, hey thanks for my blog ideas this week babe!!!

You are given a gift of 1 million dollars. There are some restrictions on how you can spend some of the money, as follows:

$100,000 must be donated to charity. What charities will you support?

$50,000 would go to the alsheimers Association as my mum died of this horrid disease, then the other $50,000 would go in her name to an animal charity as she adored all animals

$100,000 must be given to one person that you know. To whom do you give it? What would you expect him/her to do with it? Would you put any restrictions on its use? Would it make a difference if you could make the donation anonymously?

I of course would give the $100,000 to Mangey Cur. All I would request is that she use it as she wishes to have frivioulous fun, hire a bunch of naked midgets to dance up and down the mangey cur house for her and Rant boy, or be good and pay off debt, hey babe your money you choose! No, it would not make a difference if I gave it anonymously.

$100,000 must be given to someone who has recently been in the news. Who gets it? Why?

Hmmm.....lets see, who has been in the news lately, Bush, Hell no, uh, Tsunami people, I could, but that would be too easy, uh, hmmm....oh, I know, while I was down in LA, they showed the victims of that mudslide, and one dude in particular was this musician dude who had gone out to get some ice cream for his wife and kids who were waiting for him at home, when he got home his house and family were gone....how much does that suck....so I would give it to him, not that it would bring his family back, but man, how devistating is that to go out for 5 minutes and in that time your whole family just is gone.....so maybe it would start to at least rebuild his new life...

$100,000 must be spent on a public beautification project. You can build a park, commission artwork, etc. What do you do, and where do you do it?

I would commission Mangey out to do some of her kick ass horse art (that she is doing one for me at the moment) but make them life size, and find a cool as beans place to display it to bring awareness to the beauty that is Mangey's art work.......either that or I would build a garden in memory of my mum who loved gardening and have Mangey's work displayed there...

$100,000 must be spent on a memorial to someone/something that you have loved and lost. What form does the memorial take? Who is it for?

As in above mentioned one, it would go to the memory of my mum but also my dad. It would have to be a garden, as they both loved gardening, my dad loved his veggie garden where mum was all about roses.

$50,000 must be spent studying something you have not formally studied. What will you study?

Hmmm.....as I am already studying esthetics, I don't think that counts, so how about I enroll in Hogwarts school of WitchCraft and Wizardry......

$50,000 must be spent establishing a scholarship. What's it for and who will you name it for?

I will establish a scholarship for vet school and it will be named for my beloved Ghostie.

$50,000 must be given away in a contest. What kind of contest do you hold?

I hold a contest for the best worst dressed person, and that person has to have Trinni and Suzzanah from What not to Wear (BBC Americia) and they would help that person spend it on a fabulous wardrobe and makeup!

$200,000 must be spent doing as many things as you can on your "lifetime to do list."

Ok, first visit Europe in style, and if I have any money left over, I would start up my business the way I want it to be in the perfect location. And if there is any money left over from that, I would start my Liz and Vampys Animal Sanctuary for Adults and Retards (ok, a cut of the money would have to go to Killy for the naming of the sanctuary)

That leaves you with $150,000 of mad money. If the rules say you can't spend that money on things that might be termed "practical," what do you buy on your spending spree?

A new wardrobe, new makeup, buy Satan something he would want (which is usually not practical ie video games), buy shoeS, shoES, and more SHOES!!, buy a pony just because, purchase more handbags, cool things for the house, jewlery......oh yeah, and did I say SHOES!!!!!!


Autumn said...

Hehehe...those are all way cool things!!! I especially like the witchcraft school!!

I knew a witch when I was a kid.... she told us she used to do spells... we were scared of her!! LOL

GraiFox said...

hmmm good thoughts.... mind if i steal this.... preety...

OOh also shoes fun... i have new shoes.

nongirlfriend said...

SHOES. Yes, lots and lots of shoes.

Pisser said...

Pony + bag = ok
Pony bag = NOT ok. Right, Mangey...?

mangey cur said...

...right on Pisser....and for you young sis, thanks for all the dinero and art props man. Geez, if I paid off debt with all that, there'd be a whole lot left over and I could move to Scotland finally! Yay! The Isle of Skye is mine! WEEEE!!! Thanks dude. ;)

Elizabeth said...

And of course you would take Liz on your European vacation in style.... and of course we would start the LVASAR project!