Sunday, June 06, 2004

Am I Forgetting Anything???

Ok, so now I am packed, suitcase is in car, and now my mind is racing a mile o minute thinking I have forgotten something, and then thinking, should I bring two cases instead of one, as the one is full and rather heavy. Will I be getting more crap to bring back with me, and then am I going to need another bag to bring back with me. Will this obsessesive compulsive behavior ever stop?? AAAHHHHHH!!!

Ok, just breathe, it will be fine, and if I have forgotten something it isn't like I am going to another planet (although LA is out there), where I wouldn't be able to find the same crap as I have here at home. OK, I am fine now, these panic attacks are at least getting shorter.

Well hopefully I will come back fully enlightened on this new career path I have chosen and full of enthusiasm to get out there and actually do something.....we shall see.....

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Jennifer said...

You could always ship back anything you want to buy extra... hahaa... yeah, I have those short little attacks once in a while.

It usually involves the stove!! haha... "Did I turn it off?" "Did I check it? Double check it" Ugh