Thursday, June 17, 2004

The "Real World" cast of loonies

I can't believe I am finally back from my 10 training in LA. That was the longest fuckin 10 days of my life. Thank god Liz came down for the weekend or I think I would have gone mad. However this past week and a half felt like a real world episode, as the 5 other people I had to be with for the full trip were so completely different from each other. And of course I was singled out as the "weird" Goth chick. I was definitely the "Frankie" of this group. There was the "normal" one of the bunch who was a mom from Reno (although she had some Reno mall hair happening), then we had the over 40 divorced single mom ( who looked like the chick who was the mom on who's the boss) who was "sweet and innocent" on the outside. But there was a raving party girl in there once she had a couple of drinks, then there was the southern bell who was the prima donna of the group, as this was her trip, and we were mere servants to wait on her hand and foot. Then we had the anorexic who we never saw eat as she would disappear at lunch time and never came out with us for dinner. However the two times she did come out with us and she ate, she then spent about 20 minutes in the bathroom right after the meal, and she was always cold and wore a coat (even when the air conditioning was out and we were all feeling like we were in a sauna). Then last but not least we had "I want One" girl, who came for the last week of training, and everything I had she had to make sure she got one too. Even down to the flipping welcome bag that was just for us new hires ( she wasn't one she was there for retraining), and she was like living with a nervous rodent. So needless to say, I am so glad to be back in the realms of my own psychoness. However the training I got was really good, and made me really want to pursue this new career path I have chosen. So knowing that, I was able to survive my real world cast for the last 10 days. However, I know if it was a "real world" series I would have been the one to go mental on someone. Probably either the southern bell, as I was getting sick of her shit, or it would have been the "I want one" rodent girl, as she was just a freak.


Elizabeth said...

OMG that is so funny. At least you are home now. Were the girls happy to see you, or did you get the cold shoulder? That was so much fun last weekend. We may have to plan another LA tip, but this one will not only include another facial, but also the Queen Mary & Disneyland!

vampyregirl said...

yes, the girls were happy to see me, and ghost was the one that I was shocked at, she came running out to see me!! Yes, we definitely need to go get another one of those facials, does Disneyland have an adult day only??

Elizabeth said...

I wish they did. We would have to do it during the week, when school is back in. Would Satan want to go?