Thursday, June 03, 2004

What do I want to be when I grow up????

So I am finally going to get my esthetics license. How long has it taken me to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. I went to talk to a school today and will probably enroll in the next couple of weeks. As they do parttime classes which would work for me, as I still have to work full time to pay for it. But it will nice to finally be free of a "boss" and have just me to deal with. Although, dealing with myself can be quite trying sometimes.

I find that I obsess about getting older, and to think that I am looking down the road at the big 4...0 in the next couple of years has me wondering what there is to my life, and what have I done with it that I have been happy with. I remember when I turned 30 I just obsessed that I was 30, but now that 40 is on it's way I am looking back to see what I have done with my life and where do I want to go with it??

So this will be an adventure in finding out what I am all about I guess, as that vampire didn't come along at 25 to give me eternal youth, that I was really hoping on, but now I will have to find it on my own. I think I am on a quest for eternal youth and eternal happiness. It has to be out there.....And I will find it DAMN IT!!


Elizabeth said...

Hmmm...maybe we can find a vampire in LA and both get eternal youth! Will your new company help pay for the classes?

vampyregirl said...

I don't believe they will pay for the classes, but when I graduate they would pay for the post graduate classes that are actually way more expensive than the undergrad classes. So does this mean you will be visiting me in LA??

Jennifer said...

Hmm... well we all know its up to ourselves for eternal happiness! I hope you find that vampire though!! heheh.... ooor, err.. plastic surgery!!

Isn't it aweful? Being this age?? I thought I loved turning 30! (now 34 1/2.. lol), I feel IN BETWEEN... too old to go to the younger dance clubs, yet too young to do any of those things 40 yr olds do!!! LOL

vampyregirl said...

yes, as I am 4 years away from 40 this inbetween stage is like, ok what am I supposed to do now that I am here. ?? So my quest for eternal happiness has begun...I will get back to you on what I have discovered.

Jennifer said...

Oooh.. can't wait to hear what you discovered!!! *rubs hands together*