Friday, June 25, 2004

Living Dead Girl

I knew my good day yesterday (see previous blog) would only be for one day. Today I awoke to monster cramps! And they are still here, 3 hours later!! I have taken the exceeded amount of ibuprofin and I have a heating pad on as we blog and alas they are still here, if there is anyone out there that has a remedy for mondo cramps, do tell!!
Also from the fab climbing I did yesterday, my left arm is now sore and I can't lift it more than boob height.

However I did wake this morning in a spoon sandwich! Satan was angelicly sleeping (he only looks this way when he sleeps) spooning me, and I was spooning my littlest pup ( she was on top of the covers, sorry no beastiality here). If only the cramps weren't around, I could have enjoyed it more.

It looks as though today is going to be another late start, but hey, at least it's Friday!!


Jennifer said...

Why God gave some of us cramps and others, none, I have no idea.... but I'm UNhappy to admit, I'm second and my daughter is third generation of hereditary BAD CRAMPS!! Gah!

Relaxing the body helps, even though thats REALLY hard to do... a woman at work gave me these pills that she said are hard to find called FORMULA 303........ it has valarian root in it... thats the muscle relaxer, they work fairly well. WARNING: The smell like your worst nightmare. Its a natural herb so... that's why I suppose.

Elizabeth said...

Ah that sucks!!! Just drink lots of margaritas!

vampyregirl said...

hmm, will need to look for that formula 303, or maybe i can just find the valarian root, as long it's not like bella donna or something, and then I not only have killed the cramps but me in the process, but can you kill a living dead girl??

and the margarita sounds good, maybe I should start that now!!

Pisser said...

Yeah, don't sniff the valerian, whatever you do.
It smells like a combo of old feet and crotch.

Try a warm bath, sitting in a hot car, or those
stick-on thermal heat doohickies that last 8
hrs. Barring that, sleep it off. I've heard
people say a workout helps, but if they feel
like working out at that time I think that
they are weird.