Tuesday, June 22, 2004

A Sweet Girl in Wolf's Clothing

My dogs are nut cases. But I love my little nut cases. Ghost loves puppies, our next door neighbor has two new lab puppies, and so she went hysterical over them. High pitch howling ( she is part husky part wolf) at them all wagging her tail, well, did they think she was running over to say hi? No, they go running off all scared as this looney tunes dog comes running at them. Oh ghostie, nobody understands you are too over the top when it comes to puppies. She followed little willow around ( the youngest girl) like she was the best thing ever when we first got her until she got out of her cute puppy stage. Now she looks at her, and then looks at me longingly like she is saying, "can we please trade her in for a new puppy"??

Ghost has yet to see the new puppies down the road as there are about 7 of them, if she did I don't think I could ever get her home from our walk, she would have her head plastered at the fence just looking at them all day.
However my poor Ghostie is just misunderstood as everyone we pass by thinks she is scary. Which is good when you are on a walk with her and there is a creepy guy near by. But nobody understands how sweet she really is. Until she becomes the stealth bird murderer......


Elizabeth said...

I don't think you've told me how she got to be a stealthy bird murderer. Poor Ghost...too bad she couldn't have her own litter!

Jennifer said...

That is soooooo adorable!! I guess girl doggie long to be mothers too! :)

Pisser said...

Dogs need to be mothers like 10,000 strays
need to be put to sleep every day.
Spay and/or neuter your dog, brother,
and game show host!

Arrgh, those little egg-suckers. We
had this goofy poodle-looking dog
who was also a stealth killer. What
the...? She had all the Kibbles 'n
Bits she could eat.