Tuesday, June 29, 2004

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

Today went pretty well, met with my client and helped her unpack products, set up the tester units, and set up follow up meetings to get her business rolling..

Then I played hookie the rest of the day and met up with Satan at the gym to do some birthday climbing!! I had two good falls, the first one, I clawed the wall half way down, it sounded like I was falling down a chalk board, it was pretty funny, as it was basically me and Satan, and two other climbing couples in the gym so when I took the fall, it echoed around the gym. The second fall wasn't as dramatic, but it still sounded loud. Satan also took some falls, and when he falls, it lifts me up off the floor, which is always amusing. We climbed for at least two hours.

Tomorrow is another early start as I actually have to meet up with my boss at 10:00am. So I will have to have my boss in my car all day. Luckily she is pretty cool, and if we are by a Sephora I can always get her to do some shopping!! And yes, we will be by a Sephora tomorrow as there is one on Union St, and our 2pm appt. Is across the street from Sephora, so that should be a good shopping day then!!

But being I have to get out of here early tomorrow, if I want to get some exercising in tomorrow, , if I really feel like being in an exercise mode, I need to get up early and exercise. Hmm, seems good now, but tomorrow morning at 5am will be another story,, to sleep a little longer or to exercise...Especially if my insomnia is still with me tonight.....


Elizabeth said...

Wish I was shopping at Sephora with you!

Pisser said...

You and nongirlfriend are total Sephorawhores ;)

I won't go near the place, as I refuse to pay
$18 for one grain of eyeshadow.

vampyregirl said...

yes, yes, I am a Sephorawhore! I just can't help it. I love being a sephorawhore!!