Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I tried writing about this topic the other day, but it just wouldn't come out right...so in speaking with Mangey, she said to try it again.....so here it goes....

In my 20's I definitely used my superpowers for evil not good. What superpower am I talking about?? Well, if you have been keeping up with Mangey and I you know we come from a lineage of witches and wizards. And in my 20's I liked to abuse my powers of releasing evil on select individuals that I believe had done me wrong.....nowadays kids, I know this is not good, as Karma is always always at work, and I have been on the receiving end a number of times of my own bad Karma (or mojo if you prefer). I haven't released real evil since turning 30, so 7 years without seriously releasing evil is a record for me.....

So here is a selection of curses that I released on my intended victims that did the trick, only to find out, it came back to me as well:

Curse One: Old boyfriend. Young Lust is a deadly thing, especially when someone lets me go. I was young, in lust and couldn't believe I had just been dumped. So Curses to you old boyfriend....I cursed that he would never get the one thing he loved and longed for....to be in famous rock band and go down in history as a guitar god.........and so my cursed worked....his band is a has been 80's band who will be forever and ever be lived out on VH1 Classics Metal Mania....which periodically their one video gets played on there....which Satan and I still have a good laugh at...and oh yeah, his guitar god vision, the last I heard he was still teaching guitar lessons to zitty teenage boys at the local guitar store........

Curse Two: Old Manager. I was working for a cosmetic company that shall remain nameless...but my favorite manager at the time left and what we got instead was a blond fembot. She worked out more on her body that she did work at work. And I hated her. She hated me too, and tried to make my life a living hell....so Curses to you Fembot Manager! May you become fat and ugly and hate your job.......and Shazam! It happened....most amusing to see her waddle around the cosmetic counter bursting out of her used to be hot clothes!!

Curse Three: Psycho-Coworker. After leaving above mentioned cosmetic company, I was working for another cosmetic company that had a position available in upper management. Everyone that I had spoken with had said, I was a shoe in for the job (even the chick that left the position, told me, that I was perfect for the job, and she had left an outstanding recommendation for me!).....well evil psycho coworker who I used to work with in above mentioned company, decided to go behind my back and ass kiss her way into the position...so Curses to you Psycho Coworker- may you fail misserably at this new job, and when you are forced to leave everyone will hate you for the lousy job you did!!!.......and yes, this happened too! Last I heard she was a lonely department manager at one of the worst cosmetic departments around.....and no one still likes her!!!

Curse Four: Butthead. This was Mangeys old boyfriend. How I hated this guy. And how he hated me. Without going into too much detail (as not to bring up bad memories for Mangey) I cursed him nearly every day that he was with Mangey.....the main Curses! I gave him was that he would wander the earth aimlessly from place to place, never having any friends to help him out, no one to turn to when he was down, and that when he would finally reach hell, he would rot there for all of eternity! Well, as Mangey will agree, he hasn't been seen or heard from since 93, I think it was, so hopefully he is wandering the earth, or better yet rotting in hell......

However, like I said all these curses did come with my own bad Karma coming back to me. So I no longer curse people, if they do me wrong, or another wrong, I just have faith, that there own Karma will come back to them. So as I leave you today, I will leave you with the Wiccan law that I have been practicing since becoming 30:

Bide the Wiccan Law ye must, In perfect Love, In perfect Trust.
Eight Words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
An ye harm none, do as ye will
And ever mind the Rule of Three:
What ye send out, comes back to Thee.
Follow this with mind and heart,
and merry ye meet, and merry ye part.

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