Monday, February 28, 2005

Stealing Is As Stealing Does

Stolen from Jen who stole from chicken who stole from someone get the picture

I AM: pissed off at the moment.
I HAVE: Issues!
I WISH: I would win the lottery!
I HATE: My Job ( I actually hate it more than children at the moment,: and friends thats a lot!)
I FEAR: staying at this job forever!
I HEAR:Satan watching wrestling on tv....and my dog chewing on a chew stick.
I WONDER: Why I always get people pissing me off right on que during pms week!
I REGRET: not starting school sooner
I LOVE: Satan, my dogs, my sistas, my home, sleeping, SHOES!!
I ALWAYS: wear black. Gee thats a shocker..
I AM NOT: A helpless female!
I DANCE: all the time, even when I don't realize I am doing it (just ask Mangey or Rantboy, or Satan!)
I SING: very badly, but loudly in my car, in the house, and annoy people all the time by it!
I CRY:in private, as I absolutely hate crying, and reserve it for those that are closest to me!

KEEP A DIARY: Yes, both here on the blog, and in a book.
HAVE A SECRET YOU HAVE NOT SHARED WITH ANYONE: WEll, It wouldn't be a secret then would it!
HAVE A CRUSH: Yes, but they are always with rock stars...
WANT TO GET MARRIED: Uh, I already am....
GET MOTION SICKNESS: Yes, in cars going to fast around bends.
THINK YOU'RE A HEALTH FREAK: I used to be, now I am just a freak!

COLOR: black and if I must,,,,purple
DAY: The day I graduate school and quit my fuckin job!
MONTH: April
SONG: Disposable Teens/ Marilyn Manson
SEASON: Spring and Fall
DRINK: Coffee

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