Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Wax, the Condom, Dead Squished Kermit, and Jesus

Today at school we learned how to do parrafin wax facials and also hand treatments. It is really amazing how smooth your hand feels after the wax comes off. It was kinda creepy though as when you dip your hand in the wax it looks like a manniquen hand coming out of the wax. Also rolling it off the hand was odd. It was like pulling off a condom.

And of course Jen had to email me and others that it is national condom month. (was it month or was it day?) So happy condom month or day or week! So Jen if you come to get your facial on Saturday, I could give you a condom (er Parrafin) hand wax!

What other exciting things do I have to tell you all? Hmmm,,, let see, Willow decided to roll in a dead frog at 5:15 am this morning. I was just coming back from my walk in the darkness with my girls, let them off the leash, turn off my flash light as I walk down the driveway, and what do I hear......the sound of scuffing along the driveway...what the fuck is that noise.....turn back on flash light to see Willow with butt in the air face turned down sideways on ground just having a good ol' trying to sound tough whispering at a dog to get off of the frog isn't exactly doing the trick, so running at her made her first I didn't know what she had rolled in...only to see squished pancaked frog lying in driveway....hmmm, did we run over the frog last night on the way in, or is Willow that strong with her rollling that she flattened the poor frog....oh yeah, and dead squished frog smell on a dog at that hour of the morning is not the most pleasant. So she was marched into the house and squirted with lavender shower gel and a wet least the lavender will mask the smell of dead kermit.......

Oh yeah, and it seems that Jesus came to the door while we were out today and left a calling card trying to get us to call for a free tape about him....luckily the hounds of hell were protecting the coven while we were out....however, Satan is off tomorrow, so he is hoping Jesus and his followers will return for a follow up....

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