Friday, February 25, 2005

Mom Always Said, Don't Play Ball In The House.....

I think I have a theme running this week. When did I turn into my mother? Or is it that I have been my mother for awhile, and I only just realized it now that I am back at school with girls who are between the ages of 17-22....and I shudder to say....I am old enough to be their mothers!!

Today these girls are just fucking annoying. Talking really loud about nothing....Nothing!! For gods sake, shut the fuck up!! Do you talk just to hear yourself?????? Or do you talk so it shuts out the sound of air that rushes between your ears??? (Is that the ocean I can hear, when I put my ear up to your head.....)

And then, they look at you like they are so worldly wise, have seen it all, done it all....oh yeah...your 17, I remember feeling like that too.

They think I am a raving lunatic. They still really dont' have a concept of what PMS really is!!! Maybe I am acting this way you young whipper snappers because my raging PMS hormones are older than yours!!

Can I just tell you the other reason I don't want children?? They grow up to be teenagers!! Fuck! I thought the crying, screaming, yelling, trying to get attention, phase was for the early childhood years, now I am seeing it continues on into the late teens and beyond!!!! Where is my hermit cave to go and crawl into??

Oh yeah, and this one says today.....I used to be so fat...the other one says...really, what is the heaviest you've ever been? 152....! She is now probably 115, if that...

Wait till you get to be 37 sweetness, and 152 is your goal weight........

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