Friday, March 17, 2006

Better Than Sex.........

This is what I was told by a client yesterday as I was giving her a facial. She said it was better than sex......ok. So one of the hairstylists said that is what I should call one of my facials. Yeah, I can see the freakin pervs comin in for that one thinking I am doing happy endings or something. uh, no.

I haven't been told this of my waxing skills yet. However, I guess I haven't had anyone that is into S&M maybe. Maybe I should put that in my brouchure:

S&M waxing: Let me here you scream as I tear hair from your skin $55.00

Dominatrix waxing: I will tell you to shut up and take it like the little girl or little girly man that you are as I wax you senseless. $85.00

I do have a shiny black leather apron I can wear for both, and a bull whip...I just don't know if I want to get wax on my bull whip though........

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