Monday, March 20, 2006


Yay!! Spring is here!! But it is still raining! It was nice for the weekend, and now it is back to the pissing down rain!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Ok, excuse the mild breakdown, for todays post here are some fun spring equinox facts for everyone!:


Celebrated on the occasion of the Vernal Equinox when day and night are equal, in perfect balance. Named after the Norse goddess, Ostara who took her name form the Teutonic lunar goddess Eostre and calculated according to the full moon nearest the Spring Equinox. some traditions declared this holy day a fixed date of March 25th with celebration beginning the sundown before.

The theme of victory over death is obvious and the victory is Mother Nature's. The Christians assimilated this pagan holy day by setting the date for Easter as the first Sunday after the Equinox, unless it falls on the occasion of a full moon, in which case it should be observed on the first Sunday after the full moon. Then after going to such lengths to avoid association with lunar symbolism, they named the holiday Easter after the lunar goddess. (info taken from Seasons of the Witch)

But now Easter is next month.....hmmm....I guess christians are now trying to get far far away from the equinox this year.

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