Thursday, March 30, 2006

Some Like It Hot......Some Like it Hot.....

Today while driving to work, a song came on the radio I haven't heard in ages, "Some Like It Hot"(or was it called Feel the Heat?) by the Powerstation, that great 80's band of Robert Palmer (rip) and I think a couple o' dudes from Duran Duran.

It's that beginning drum that always to this day gets me right back in dance class (with those shimmering jazz hands!) circa 1986!

I think this may have been the Powerstations one and only hit. I can understand why though as how could they ever match that drum beat.. da da, da da, da-da-da-da-da-da!
(ok, how odd is that I am writing of old Duran Duran dudes, and through in the other room, I hear on the tv, "Girls On Film!" ok, thats just to wierd. I am channeling Duran Duran.)

In other songs on the radio today, "Imagine" came on the radio, and the 19 year old girl who works the beauty supply area, says to me, Vampy, who sings this?
Uh, that would be John Lennon.
"oh, I didn't know. Well, what can I say its not my era."
I give a blank stare. Uh, chicka, its not my era either. How old do you think I am?
she just giggles.............

Thanks, maybe I should go back to Chevys and see if I can be pitty carded again.......

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