Monday, March 13, 2006

The Freak Unique

Oh Pete, I know I have said this before, but what have you done to yourself? So sad...HOWEVER,.......

As I was telling Satan last night about Pete coming out with a "tell all" book on April 20th...he says, hmm, maybe he will go on a book tour and do like the tonight show, letterman, and all those other shows.....he may even do a book tour at book shops for you!

OH MY GOD SATAN! You are so right!!! What if he does! That would be fabulous! I know you look way more freakish than ever my sweet Pete, but I would still love, love, LOVE to see you in person!! And a book tour!! Oh I am soooo hoping it will come true!!!

I maybe the only girl standing in line, surrounded by all my gay friends, but nothing will keep me from seeing my sweet pete! As the last time I can remember Dead or Alive came around, we are going back years people, I was actually grounded by my mother. Yes. That long ago.

So now my daily activity will be Pete watch, too see if he does do a book tour. Oh how grand it will be!!

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