Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Harshin the Mellow

I am trying to become more zen like. More Bohemian. More mellow. However, this week has been challenging. You think I was pms'd or something....which I am not,,,,,thats next week.

Why am I trying to be more mellow? Well to calm the nerves of my dogs for one, as they can pick up on energy, but also to calm the savage beast that lives inside of me second.

But this week is not working.

First off, the dogs decided to beat the crap out of each other yesterday, the pups that is. So much so it was like watching two taz manian devils twirl around my bedroom, by the time I got them apart, scolded them and put them in their place, my voice was nearly gone. Not away to start off the morning being in zen.

Next work was crazy and crazy clients as well. My leg wax client stunk so bad I nearly dry heaved. Her feet were the worst. And we all know how much I hate feet. And then while waxing her I noticed as I am taking off the wax, that half of her leg (the part I have just waxed) is 2 shades lighter than the rest of her legs. Can you say hasn't showered in awhile? Yes, I was peeling dirt off of her. I think that was my record speed wax record in that room. Needless to say, smelly feet and dirty skin make one cranky vampy.

And I won't even mention that it was roaming retard day at Walmart when I went to pick up dog food. And the poor lady who was the only soul in charge of the retards was trying to round up the escapees who happened to be running down my isle, hands in the air and screaming loudly. (however when I was retelling this tale to Satan, I realized I may have mistaken the roaving band of retards for actual zombies....same walk, same odd sounds.,....hmmmm......)

So you can see my zen like ways are slowly slipping away from me. Maybe I should go and do some yoga to bring back the peace inside me............peace out.

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