Saturday, March 11, 2006

Snow Day

Yeah, I know I have been a slacker. But I don't have anything. So here is a photo of Spirit and Leo. Spirit was trying to lick the snow off the fence. Although, you can't really see the snow as it was just starting to fall in this photo. Yes, it is snowing here at my house. This may not be too exciting for those of you who live in snow places, however, living in the bay area does not usually mean watch out for snow on your way home. The other night driving home was interesting, never driven in a snow down pour. Is that what you call it? It wasn't a blizzard. Heavy snowing? I just don't know.

Anyway, the next day it snowed again. It was great, while I was doing my tae bo dvd I was able to watch the snow falling outside. After tae bo, I made Satan get out of bed and go for a dog walk with me in the snow. Ok, I always knew I get cranky when rain splatters my face, but having snow splatter your face and stick is a whole new concept I wasn't ready for. However, it was a rather fast walk as it was so fucking cold.

Today it is forcasted to snow again. What the fuck? I live in the bay area for god's sake. Why is it snowing here 10 days before the first day of spring? I do realize I would rather it snow than to be stuck inside with it pouring down rain.

Thats all I got kids.

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