Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Midday Margaritas!

I found out what a real light weight I am. I went to Chevy's with some of my co workers and had midday Margaritas. Ok, I can only handle one now.

I used to kick back loads o tequilla 15 years ago. Not anymore. One margarita and I am ready for a major nap for the rest of the day. Got back to work and laid on my facial bed and had a nice snooze. Woke up and decided I should go home. Yeah. I am loads of fun.

However, the raspberry and strawberry Margarita did kick ass! The rest of the Chevys lunch wasn't as great, as the service was craptacular. I guess that's what happens when your waiter is the bartender. You get a killer drink but crap wait service.

Oh yeah, and I was "pitty carded". The owner of the salon was carded when we ordered our lunch. And I said, "I am so jealous, and I am the one that really takes care of my skin!" the bartender/waiter says, oh I will need to see yours as well.

Yeah, right dude, being that I could be everyone's mother at this table. I got my I.D. out, and he glanced at it....not even looked at it to see the birth year. You suck dude, I didn't need a pitty ID check..... You could have at least followed thru on your "I need to see yours as well."

Like I said, the Drink was killer, but the service sucked.......

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