Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Too Much Time On My Hands.......

Here it is the second day of my vacation...and its RAINING!!!! What the fuck?? It is May 17th for gods sake? In almost a month it will be summer...and I will have missed spring completely!!

Ok, so what have I done on my spring vacation so far? Yesterday I was out in the garden between showers trimming the roses, as they have developed black spot AGAIN on their leaves...the only way to get rid of it is to destroy all leaves containing the black spot, even the dead leaves in the dirt....while pruining back roses I got slashed at least 3 times by them....now I look like I have been in a fight with a cat.....I also studied yesterday for my state board exam, which at this moment if it is all anatomy and physiology, I will FAIL miserably........I took a midday nap, which was glorious, absolutely glorious!!!

Today Satan is home as he is taking two days off being he worked this past weekend at the Napa home and garden expo......so we slept in till 9am, had coffee and tea out on our deck in the morning, went to Wally World to purchase fish food for the Koi in the pond, where Satan decided he needed to purchase two more maple trees, just because they were there, came back home and made lunch, tried to study some more, where again I feel like an anatomy idiot as nothing is sticking in my head........Satan is now watching his tivo'd selections on the tv, I watched my soap (Days of Our Lives) in real time, and am now blogging......I would really like the weather to turn into Spring as this sucks looking out the window seeing February skies, when it is Mid May!!!! Oh yeah, and we had a popcorn explosion in the microwave....Satan likes the carmel coated popcorn, so when it was on its melting the carmel stage, the fuckin' bag decides to do a header on its side, (where am I, but bitchin' to Satan about how I hate to study) and by the time the microwave goes beep, we now have popcorn everywhere in the microwave and carmel dripping off of all the sides! Fuck, now the microwave needs cleaning out!! And I still don't have a name for my business.....so keep the names coming people, I need some sort of inspiration!!!!!

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