Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Our Next Destination: Creech Hill

So for my graduation present from my in laws, I got this cool book called, This Spectred Isle, it is full of all the haunted places in England!! So in looking through it I have found a real screamer of a place to go and visit called Creech Hill....here is what the book says:

This part of Somerset is full of tales of mystery, rooted in the strange places like Creech Hill, where in the remains of a Romano-Celtic temple on the summit, two crossed bodies were discovered in the 18th century.

This hill has an evil reputation, and is said to be the haunt of a boggart-or bullbeggar, to give it its local name, which manifests itself as a gruesome black shape that screeches and shrieks with manic laughter! A farmer once came across what he thought was an injured man lying beside the road, but when he approached to offer help it rose up to an immense height above him and emitted a fearsome scream. The farmer fled, but the thing followed him, and he only just reached the safety of his home. As his wife tried to comfort him she caught sight of the long black figure bounding back up the hill, laughing inanely. Another man had no choice other than to cross the hill one night, despite its reputation. As he marched firmly up the hill, armed with a stout stick, he suddenly felt deathly cold and something tall and black rose up out of the ground in front of him. He struck out at it but his stick went straight through it and he found himself transfixed to the spot. Surrounded by incessant peals of awful laughter, he was unable to free himself until the first rooster crowed at the first light of morning.....

Cooooool!!! Anyone up for a midnight stroll at Creech Hill with me???????

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