Saturday, June 04, 2005

Speaking Yodish

I got an email sent to me yesterday from my father in law.....he begins his email:

Dear Satan and Yoda......

Yoda????? What the fuck??? Why are you calling me yoda????

Am I short, big earred, bald, wrinkly, and troll like????

Do I wear brown robes????

Is the force strong with me????

Does my voice really sound that bad??

So I wrote back why the fuck are you calling me Yoda??

And his reply:

It's just that in your previous you wrote........"She has gone to Ireland and Italy, so she is even out of the country gone!!"

So I DO speak Yodish.....interesting, and I don't realize that I do this..........

Now, if I could float, only..... (does yoda float, I thought I saw him float once, or was it the brownies that made me think he floats?) Yoda floats, me thinks...........

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