Friday, July 02, 2004

It's Friday I'm In Love...

Big HUGE fabulous Cosmic Love.

It has a nice ring to it. I heard someone say that yesterday as they were talking about finding the type of love they want. So I started to think how much we obsess about love.

Websters Dictionary describes love as: an intense affectionate concern for another person, an intense sexual desire for another person, a strong fondness or enthusiasm for something, a beloved person, often used as a term of endearment.

We also tend to take love for granted, and don't realize how much we are loved, until it disappears, then we are on that obsessive cycle again looking for it, longing for it, then we find it again, and then try and measure it like its not the love we were looking for, but its love, but then its not good enough love, we wanted something more than this love, but its still love. And then we take it for granted and the cycle starts again.

I myself over the last year have not been taking love for granted anymore. The most precious love you can have is with your mother, and my mother passed away last year, and the loss of that love was devastating. That love I will never find again. However it got me to seeing all the love that there is around me and how I need to appreciate it, and value it, because I will never know when it will leave again.

So yesterday when I heard big huge fabulous cosmic love, I straight away thought of my husband, and I am thankful he is in my life, and though we are not the over the top mushy couple, I know this is how he feels about me as well. We don't have to say it to each other, its just a feeling, a look, a smile, a laugh, and even a tear that lets us know that the big huge fabulous cosmic love is here with us.

But love does come in many forms, the unconditional love that my dogs have towards me and I towards them, the love I have for my sisters, the love I have for my friends, or just the shear fact of loving that it is Friday.

So if anyone is reading this, think of someone you love today, and don't for one second take them for granted, as one day that love will be gone, so make sure to create memories you will want to cherish, as those are the memories that will get you through the days when you need them the most.

I miss my mother everyday, but it is the memories of her love that keep me going. She would be 69 years old this month, so happy birthday to you mum where ever your soul is flying free, I still love you and hope where you are you are surrounded by all the love you gave while you were here on this earthly plane. As that definitely will be mega huge galaxy love!


Sara said...

Beautiful, and so true.

Anonymous said...

Comment thing hates me.

Sorry about your mom. What a loving daughter you are.

Mine is my universe. At leasthen she's gone, all I'll have to do is look in the mirror and I'll see her looking back. I'm lucky (I think!)

vampyregirl said...

yes, you are lucky to have her looking back at you, as most people have always said I look like my mother also, so it is a great thing to have her living on in me.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about your mother. What a beautiful dedication.

bunny said...

I love that too. I need to focus more on the cosmic love than on the negative crap I usually focus on - the person who cuts me off in traffic, etc. I lost my stepfather a month and a half ago. People don't really get it because he was my stepfather, but my dad lived with me until I was 7, my stepfather was married to my mom for 23 years...guess who is my daddy? Of course my stepdad. The grief sucks ass - I'm fine for a long time, then it just hits me. But I also feel so strongly that he hasn't gone anywhere, that he's here just inside us. Kind of that he's rejoined that big cosmic love that we're all a part of, and that we go back to when we die.

Happy birthday to your mom and all that huge mega galaxy love.

Jennifer said...

Awww... Happy Birthday mum. My cousin lost her dad a year ago, she thinks of him everyday, she says. I don't know what I'd do but I guess eventually it happens to all of us.

I do appreciate all the love that surrounds me, probably didn't five years ago, but I really do even more these days!! Nice post.

vampyregirl said...

Sorry to hear about your step dad bunny, yes he is still here with you in spirit! It totally sucks how when something really cool happens and I want to share it with her, then I have one of those, oh your gone moments, but then think to myself, no, she saw what happened, and she is thinking that was way cool too, so I know you step dad is watching you too!

Elizabeth said...

Hmmmm....I like your insiteful (?) side!