Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The V list

Didn't have much to blog about yesterday, and I had another early meeting yesterday (why, don't ask), went climbing with Satan, and I got my ass up a 5.9! To those of you who don't climb, this will mean nothing, but if you are a climber, you understand, anyway was really happy since I am trying to get to climbing 5.10's by the end of the year. So I am getting there. Got home made dinner, watched the Giants LOSE AGAIN!!, and then watched the Amazing Race, and then went to bed. Exciting yes, hence why I didn't blog.

Anyway, I actually purchased this month's Oprah magazine. And I was actually surprised that on her favorite things page (called the O list) she actually had affordable items this time. When I have purchased the magazine before, her list usually includes such outrageous priced stuff, that she seems to say, ha ha, look at me, I am that rich and fabulous that I can buy all this crap and still have money left!!!

So I decided to come up with my own "O" list, however, I am calling it the "V" list, to what I think are truly good stuff, and if there is anyone out there who would like to share there stuff they have found that is great, do tell!! Ok, so here are this week's top five picks:

1. Kenra Straightening Serum for Curly Hair, (found in beauty supply or salon)- this is fab stuff, if you have curly/wavy hair of course, it straightens your hair with blow dryer and brush and leaves your hair more straight than if you used a flat iron!

2. Too-Faced Liquif-Eye (found on my recent Sephora shopping spree) this will turn any and I mean any eyeshadow into a liquid eye liner! So this is great if you like liquid eyeliners and can't find any colors you like,now you can create your own!! And it doesn't smudge or run!

3. for low carb junkies, and thank you Liz for telling me about these, the Keebler low carb cookies (found in Safeway), they come individually wrapped in the box, and the chocolate chocolate chip ones are divine when you need that chocolate fix

4. for those of us needing help in the stomach area, Billy Blanks' Ultimate Abs, its an hour long video (DVD if you prefer) of just ab workouts. It is like a compilation from his different videos of his best ab routines, it will kick your ass, not to mention your stomach.

5. If you are looking for a good Vampire Book, Anne Rice's Blackwood Farm is the one. She wrote it like how she used to write her vampire books ( Interview, Lestat, Queen) I couldn't put this one down. It probably is in paperback now too! She combined her vampires with the Mayfair witches, even more than in Merrick.

Tune in next week for another selection of the V list!



Pisser said...

Loved it!

As for Anne, I'm not interested unless she wrote it how she used to write the Beauty Books ;)

Now, if you can tell me a good hair cutter for curly hair in L.A., we will make you our queen...! Heh.

Elizabeth said...

I would have never thought you would buy that magazine...I am in shock I think.

*scratching head...trying to imagine V purchasing said item at check-out stand.... too imaginable for my mind to see this clearly*

Like your list though!

bunny said...

Wait - do any of you curly girls use the Curly Girl products and have the book? They're supposed to be great for curly hair.

vampyregirl said...

what is the curly girl products??? Most interested,....

yes, Liz, I too scared myself when I bought dear Oprah's magazine, howeever the topic of the magazine this month is how to take good care of yourself, and being at that I am at an age where I really need to, I thought what the hell, and purchased!

Pisser, I do agree that her Beauty Books are quite nice, she does have some sex scenes in the Blackwood Farm book, but not as graphic.

Pisser said...

What was that one...Exit to Eden?!
Didn't they make that into a movie?!
A comedy? And a mockery? With Rosie
O' Donnell? And Anne was PISSED?

Gotta see it ;)

Curly Girl...I a intrigued!

vampyregirl said...

yes, Exit to Eden was that awful movie Rosie O'Donnell did. And yes, Anne had every right to be pissed, that was fuckin the worst movie!

Elizabeth said...

Blogger slacker.

What time are you coming down on Saturday?