Monday, July 19, 2004

Something Wicked This Way Comes

My sister is a massage therapist in Arizona, and one of her clients is a freak.  Well, I am sure she has more than just one, but this one I know for sure is a freak.  He has put some weird voodoo curse on her, or is trying to.  He first started going to her a couple of months ago I think,  anyway,  lately he has been acting weird.   But then looking back on the whole time she has had him as a client he has been weird.  He is 74 years old, yeah that's weird from the start anyway, he started to ask her all these strange questions both sexual and nonsexual,and  my sister would then give him a snide remark and try and ignore him.
However, lately when he asks her a question (while he is getting his massage) she will answer him, but then he won't respond, like he is in a trance or something.   He then told her the other day, to stop "fighting him" and just let it happen, to which she had no clue to what he was talking about.  So then one day he comes in and says wow, did you feel the cosmic dreams we were having last night??  She then says, what are you talking about?  And he says last night in our dreams we were having this really deep conversation.  So now she is thinking ok freak, what ever, but then he started doing odd behavior like putting his arm around her and doing some weird pressure point type thing, or pressing his hand into her back like putting some sort of spell on her.  I asked her if he had something of hers to make him do a spell on her, and she said that when she makes another appt. For him she writes it down on her business card and gives it to him, so that is probably what he is channeling her though.  And one day he told her that he always gets what he is after, and to stop fighting him on that too.
At first she thought he was this strange old hippy dude, but now he has turned into a psycho. 
So the other day she is at home dozing on the couch and she has this dream that she has a scorpion in her hand, but the face of the scorpion is this freaky old man!  So she jumps up out of her sleep, and is trying to get the scorpion off of her.  So this totally freaks her out even more.  Turns out this freaky old man is in to some ancient form of Asian voodoo stuff, and he is trying to turn it on to my sister.   She cancelled her  last massage appointment with him and had him call her clinic to reschedule,  and about the time of the original appointment, my sister gets home, and finds a scorpion in her house!  The receptionist at the clinic told her that when she called to cancel on the freak, he was strange on the phone and kept asking why was she canceling, was it something he did?? 
There have been other weird shit that has happened surrounding this freak, but anyway, over the weekend,  my sister and I were putting together some banishing spells to keep him away from her, as he was saying he had all these powers over her.    But so far, I haven't heard from her today, so I am rather anxious to find out what happened as she was going to confront him today and tell him to stay away from her.   Hopefully all is well, and the 74 year old freak has left the building for good!


Elizabeth said...

Holy fucking shit - I cannot wait to meet your sister! She better stop servicing this freak - that is just too fucking creepy.

vampyregirl said...

I spoke with her last night, and she said that he didn't call yesterday which was good, so she hopes the banishings worked! And he was supposed to call to reschedule so keep fingers crossed he is gone!

bunny said...

That is a freaky story. My best friend's father was from Puerto Rico and had similarly freaky stories about santeria practitioners there. I prefer to put my head in the sand and ignore scary stuff like that.

Woman of Scorn said...

She massaged him a lot longer than I would have. I'm easily freaked out though. Let us know if he calls again.

vampyregirl said...

so far, it seems like the banishings have worked! My sister has a real "open" type of sense about her, and she always has wierdos trying to take hold of her in some form or another, it used to happen alot when we used to go out to clubs and stuff, freaks would always come up to her!!

Jennifer said...

Is she sure he was still alive!?!? Maybe he was the walking dead!?! LOL ha haa... that is freaky, there are some scary freaks in this world! She should maybe make a report with the cops, just to have on file incase he tries anything REALLY freaky!