Tuesday, July 13, 2004

My Immortal

Today my mum would be 69. Happy Birthday mum!! Just couldn't grasp the feeling of today. It is now a year and a half since my mum died of Alsheimers. And this is the second birthday without her. Last year we (my sisters and I) had a memorial for her on her birthday. It was really nice. A lot of her friends turned up to remember her, and share special memories they had with her.

So I tried to go to work today, but I had no real energy and no real purpose of going. I did come home early, and the strange thing was I turned on the TV over to Oprah (which I don't usually do) and she had a program today about people with alsheimers. It was really sad. There was this guy who had it at the age of 36. That is so scary, as that is how old I am. But the one story that brought me to tears was to see the story of a mother who had it when she was 51, she died when she was 58. Her daughter had put together a documentary on her life with alsheimers. It was just seeing this lady and the look on her face that really brought back all those hard memories of my mum. Her documentary will be on this weekend on msnbc.

Before the end of the day, I want to make sure I do some of the things my mum loved doing, gardening, playing with the dogs, reading a favorite book, laughing, singing, and of course eating ice cream! I think if mum could have she would have eaten ice cream 24/7!

--Mothers hold their children's hands for awhile, their hearts forever---


Jennifer said...

:'( I'm surprised you had the strength to write that, that is lovely and I hope that you feel her love with you always.

Elizabeth said...

As I told you last night, I am using your mum's bday as my excuse for eating pizza and cake last night! I am still recovering from that this am though....my punishment for being bad!

Pisser said...

Damn. I have got to try to talk to my grandfather
more (I'm pretty sure he has it) and see THE NOTEBOOK.

Thanks for reminding me that life is precious.