Friday, July 09, 2004

Lucretia My Reflection, dance the ghost with me

I just love that song, I purchased The Sisters of Mercy greatest hits volume one yesterday. Even though I do have all their CD's, just had to get a greatest hits because it was something I didn't have.

Anyway, I have the house to myself today and tonight!!!! Satan has gone down to our friends house tonight, so I get to do whatever I want!!!! Hee Hee. So I will probably be doing Spa night tonight, and get out the pedicure spa and also do a complete facial with all the professional treatment stuff I have!!! So hopefully I don't fall asleep with a chemical peel on my face or tomorrow I could wake up to find my face lying next to me on the pillow. That wouldn't be to much fun.

So I also purchased this book called Sacred Contracts. It is rather a trip as it is a book to help you find your divine potential in life. So there is this wheel (similar to a astrological chart) that you align your archetypes up to the 12 different houses ( like the zodiac houses in the astrological wheel), So I am figuring out which Archetypes I am, and where they fall into these "houses" .Anyway, one of my Archetypes just so happens to be the vampire. I kid you not. Anyway the vampire isn't what it is all cracked up to be, however, in speaking with Satan, regarding this, I find out I am a true vampire as I am pretty needy and he did say that I am quite exhausting with how much I am in need of affection all the time ( I am quite a hugging type person) But it is bizarre that it fell into my first house which is the ego and personality house. And I didn't pick it to be there. It was how it aligned up. So I thought that was a trip.

The other trippy thing that happened was yesterday, I was driving in San Francisco and I suddenly had a flash of an old friend of mine that I haven't seen in 5 years. So anyway, I get to my appointment where I am meeting one of my clients, and I am at the front desk asking to see my client so I am waiting while the receptionist rings my client, and I look around, and who do I see, but my friend that I haven't seen in 5 years!!! She was there dropping off her kids at the day care they have their at the facility ( it is like a gym/spa/community center). So anyway we were both so excited to see each other and when I told her about my vision of her, she said that was so cool, and she loved it when that happens!! So I have a lunch date with her next week to catch up on all the gossip. It was really good to see her though, as she is such a great person and has such good energy, I was bummed that we had lost contact with each other, and she said the same thing! Trippy man, trippy.


Elizabeth said...

OMG - that is soooooo trippy, and cool..... I wish I was as "sensitive" as you!

I must borrow that book!!! Will you bring it down tomorrow so I can check it out?

Not sure what to get Satan - will probably go with the boring Tower gift cert.

vampyregirl said...

yes, I will bring the book with me. Satan also likes best buy gift cards if you are looking to get him a gift card. I too had a hard time coming up with a gift for him this year as he didn't want much.

nongirlfriend said...

V-girl, that happens to me all the time. It happened yesterday. I was thinking about someone (thought popped in from out of the blue) and they called me 10 seconds later.

Before Caller ID, I knew who was calling about 90% of the time.

My mom is the same way.

Pisser said...

I hadn't seen someone in a while, went to the gyno's office and there she was, with 2" of dark roots.

So I was the first one (besides herself) to know she was knocked up!

That, and the file the doctor left lying around.

vampyregirl said...

don't you just love intiuition. It is the greatest thing, that and an open dr.'s file to look at!

vampyregirl said...

why is it that my spelling get worse the older I get?? Either that or I just read and type to fast to even see that I can't spell.

Jennifer said...

I love when that stuff happens (the wheel and vision)! So what's going to happen with BP and me?? LOL j/k

Elizabeth said...

Just ate the Yorkie. Damn you!!!!!

vampyregirl said...

re: the yorkie, the sounds of evil laughter are heard around my office right now. Glad to have sucked you into my world of english chocolate!!