Thursday, July 22, 2004

Things To Do When You Are Sick And Should Be Working

As I am home today sick, I have done the following things to avoid actually working from home:

sat on the couch and watched Crossing Over with John Edward ( I wasn't on the couch with him, he was on the TV)
tried the new deodorant I purchased, and it actually makes my armpits smell worse.
had a few ingrown hairs in the bikini area, so tried Liz's plucking thing, ok that hurts Liz, you are a serious pain freak!
checking blogs on the hour
looking in the fridge to see what I can eat that won't make me hurl, or feel like I am going to hurl.
So I have eaten so far, my low carb cereal, low carb yogurt, and a low carb bar.  And they have all made me feel like hacking.
Talked on the phone with my coworker who was also home doing nothing.
packed up my sister's birthday present to send her.
sitting down and watching mtv everytime I walk through the living room
watered the garden
Looked at different CDs to play
made silly noises and faces at my dogs, and watch them jump around all excited.
filled up the hummingbird feeders

And how do I justify my lack of working,  I have called 15 accounts, which is more than I would see in one day, if I was actually out and about working. 
See how the sick mind works.   Hmm, maybe its time now for a nap.


Jennifer said...

"Talked on the phone with my coworker who was also home doing nothing. "

- I liked that one, too funny!

Elizabeth said...

You have to pluck 'em really, really fast.

I can totally imagine you walking around your house doing (or "not" doing) all these things!

I wish I was "working" from home!

vampyregirl said...

I did pluck them real fast, and it was real fast pain!!

bunny said...

I bought an aloe vera stick deodorant at Whole Foods that made me smell, no lie, like a goat. I do however like the rollon Tom's of Maine calendula deodorant. Antipersprants freak my armpits out. Have either of you tried that stuff in the blue bottle for the ingrown hairs? I haven't but have been told it works well.

vampyregirl said...

what blue bottle is tell!! And yes, I have the same thing with Antiperspirents!

nongirlfriend said...

I tried that au naturel deo and smelled to high heaven within an hour.

Fuck Alzheimer's, I'll take my chance with the aluminum in my Secret.

vampyregirl said...

I'm right there with ya girlie on the Alsheimers thing, however, it runs in my family, and just my luck I would get it from my fucking deoderant!

Special K said...

As far as the deoderant goes, I have pretty sensitive skin, and I've been using Dove for awhile now and haven't had a problem (and it smells purty).

And for the ingrown hair issue: hunhun recently gave me some quality advice -- try putting deodorant on it. It really works!