Monday, August 15, 2005

Beware: Spirits Hiding Art at IKEA

So here is one of the wall art pieces I purchased at IKEA. I can't find the HUGE one of the rocks and sea that I got, so I will have to take a photo of it once it is up in my place to show you all.

However I thought the flowers were kinda cool. And the three of them come attached, and they were only like $4.00

The picture I really really wanted, of course they didn't have......figures....

It was a sepia kind o texture and it was of this road with big trees lining it.....It was cool.

Don't know how the rocks and sea will look on the wall. It reminded me of something my mum would have loved. She was a beachy kinda chick anyway, so I know she would have approved....maybe that is how I ended up with it. As she didn't like the pic of the road with trees. So she cunningly hid them from me....spirits have away with doing this kinda stuff. Especially cunning ones, like mum!

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