Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Smells Like Children......

In keeping the theme this week of weird pictures.....I give you this truely bazzar moment in history...this is circa 1993......ok, so please take the following quiz:

What am I holding?
a. Lunch
b. dinner
c. a light snack

what is wrong with this picture:
a. I am holding an evil spawn
b. I am wearing nude nail polish
c. there is a hideous looking pink knit thing behind me.

what is evil spawn thinking:
a. wholy shit, I am vampyre food!
b. get it away, get it away!!! dear god, get it away!!!!..
c. if I don't look maybe it will go away....

what was I thinking?
a. will I wake from this nightmare soon?
b. thank god this thing isn't mine....
c. Yeah, I ain't too thrilled to be holding you either....

What did Mangey say moments before while holding evil spawn?
a. I could crush your head right now......
b. you smell.....
c. here, you hold it Vampy, I want to take a fuckin hilarious picture!

and last but not least, Why do I look like my mother in this photo?
a. I am her daughter. DUH!
b. its the eyebrows and the hair.....
c. one day, we all look like our mothers...................

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