Friday, August 19, 2005

Don't Trust This Dog With Bedding......

Don't let her cute puppy dog eyes fool you. She is evil. And hates bedding.
Tuesday she had to be left inside all day as the electric meter reading guy came by and had to get into the backyard. So doggie door was shut off to puppsters.

She wasn't happy about this. So she decided to chew up the bedding, and Satan was home first to discover the shreds of stuffing from the bedding all over the house. Needless to say, when I got home she was locked outside by her loansome. And so very much in trouble.

I told Satan that it wasn't really her fault as she was locked in all day, and she must have gone a little stir crazy. So of course me being a softy to all things puppy, I forgave her.

Foolish me.

As when Satan got home tonight, before me, AGAIN, she had shredded the bedding.
Don't know how much trouble she was in this eve, as Satan, I think just couldn't be bothered to deal with her.

So I go into the bedroom, point at the bed, and say, "you know better....."
Big puppy dog eyes look at me, ***blink, blink*****
"Willow, what did you do.....???"
Puppy dog eyes, ****blink, blink****

Now if she could have pointed her dog toe in the direction of her sister, she would have.
"Willow, you aren't blaming this on your sister who is way to old to jump up on the bed..."
Puppy dog eyes, ***blink, blink*****
Looks again at her sister........
Puppy dog eyes, ***blink blink.......*** tucks head down, goes thru dog door, turns around and stares....***blink blink*****

Yeah, I am real good at disciplining my children.

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