Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Big Bulbus Head

Weird picture week continues......this may not look too weird....however, this was the second day after meeting Satan for the first time....... I always think this photo is funny, as Satan's shirt pretty much sums up what it looks like he is thinking...

However, his full shirt read, "fuck helmets".....but I think "Fuck" says it all.... I think I will make it my new work shirt....

Oh yeah, second oddity of this photo, is my big bulbus head! What is that all about? Was I really turning into Nosferatu??

In this photo, you can also tell what Satan would look like with short hair, as we can't see his ponytail....

And last oddity (although there maybe plenty more)....why is it that after 13 years of this photo being taken, Satan looks exactly the same there as he does now?? And me, I have morfed into many different odd looking things over the years....why does Satan stay the same??

Oh yeah, and if you are interested the answers to the previous post are:
1. c
2. a
5. a

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