Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Downward Spiral

There is a reason I try and stay out of world and local news.

Because, watching the news is just disgusting. When you watch the BBC World news, and they show all the death and distruction of what is going on in the rest of the world......then you turn it over to the local news. What the fuck kind of shit is this?

They show a tad bit on the shit going down between the Israelis and Palestinians.....now thats some fucked up shit.....and then the next story is about a school here in northern Cal, where the students "may" have to start wearing name badges to school. And they interview this pathetic 16 year old talking about her rights, and how it is demeaning to wear a name badge.......WHAT?????

Are you serious? Stupid ignorant girl, do you realize that when you get out of your crap school and into your first demeaning job, they WILL make you wear a name tag....with a Hello my name is....before it. And from there your name tag will just get better and better, you may get one with a big smiley face on it telling us you are rolling back prices, you may get an upscale name badge if you are lucky and spray perfume in peoples faces.....you may scream for your name badge back, when the next job you get only recognizes you by a number.....And you are saying you have rights? PLEASE!!! You are six-fucking-teen years old....your parents own you....you have no rights......go talk to the Israelis about rights, you stupid little girl......

Oh yeah, and the closing, most important story of the night, less we forget, is Madonna falling off her horse on her 47th birthday.....I guess you didn't drink enough Kaballah water today......or maybe you are thinking you did, because if you didn't you may have ended up like Chris Reeves. happy fucking birthday to you.

Fuck the news.....

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