Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Summer Sweat..where is the Summer Wind??

Walking the dogs this morning, in the 75 degree air, I started wishing for the autumn to arrive. I think that is my favorite season. I love the smell of autumn as well, its alot cleaner and crisper I guess. I used to hate that season, as it meant going back to school, but since being a working stiff now, its a year round gig, so that euphoria of summer vacation left after graduation in 1986. Welcome to the real world of work work and more work. EEEGADSS NOOOOO!

But I usually do my best home shopping during the fall season, as all the Halloween stuff starts coming out! This is the time Satan and I do are yearly redecorating of our house. Yes, you can imagine that it is Halloween 12 months out of the year here. However, we do not purchase the crappy tacky Halloween stuff, you really have to look for the good stuff, and it is that looking around for the good stuff that I enjoy so much!

I think this year instead of sending out the usual Christmas card that has come to be so tiresome, I will send everyone a Halloween (Samhain, Hallowmas, All Hallows' Eve, All Saint's Eve, Festival of the Dead, or the Third Festival of Harvest) card, and be done with the over the top Christmas holiday anyway. Christmas just isn't the same after the age of 13 I think anyway. And for my family and I Christmas just isn't the same anyway since the passing of our parents, as they were the ones that went out of their way to make Christmas so fun and enjoyable at our house growing up.

Well, guess I will get back to the here and now, as looking out my window Summer is still here, as it will probably be really hot again here today, so must go and close up the windows to trap in the cold air, as I can feel the heat coming through, ahhh the joys of sweating......I woke up this morning sweating form this heat......Why bother taking a shower.......As I will just start sweating again as soon as the water is off, however the stench of the sweat maybe a little to much, but hey, thats what perfume is for anyway!!


Jennifer said...

Yeah, the Christmas cards DO get tiring. WHY do we send them for Christmas anyway?? Maybe I'll just make some NEW YEARs cards... wish everyone a happy new year.. hmmmm

Elizabeth said...

I remember I was all bent last year because my mom didn't put up my xmas card, and she said she never got one...and then I realized I HADN'T sent her one.

Oh well.

Yes, I love the fall season too!

mangey cur said...

Currently searching for appropriate Faery Mound to sit on during SamHain. Please join us for the festivities.Dude, you sound bummed. Cheer up little buckaroo. The witching season is soon upon us!!lylys!

Pisser said...

Yeah, do that. I love Halloween, and it always gets runover by Thanksgiving. Which gets runover by Christmas...