Monday, August 02, 2004

Exercise, Makeup, and a brush with Madness

I actually exercised this morning! Yipee! As I have been sick for the last few weeks, I have slagged off the workouts, but it was really good this morning to feel healthy again. Tomorrow we are even going to try and go climbing again, which should be amusing, as I haven't been in so long it will be a challenge to get my ass up the wall!

I am supposed to be working right now, but needed to catch up on blogs first as I didn't check them all day yesterday. And do you think I was doing anything exciting....uh no, unless you count grocery shopping and cleaning the house exciting!

I purchased a new lipstick the other day from this awesome beauty store called Beauty Expo in San Rafael, it has every thing you can imagine, it is kind of like a Sephora for the lesser known products. They also have stationary and stuff, it was quite impressive, I think I spent 90 minutes in there just looking at everything, they have tons and tons of hair products, but the makeup area was pretty impressive as it wasn't name brands like what Sephora has. But they had Sebastian Trucco, Tigi, some stuff I never heard of, Jane Irdale, Bare Essentials... And the list goes on and on. They also had this interesting body wash/scrub that was like ice cream, and they ( the staff) scoop it out of these huge tubs with ice cream cones. Probably just a gimmick, but of course, me and gimmicks, gotta love um, I bought the Vanilla snowcone flavor, it is a body scrub, and it smells just like cake batter! The scrub wasn't too bad, but the smell lasted awhile so it was most impressive as usually you don't get the scent lasting after you shower.

Watched 50 First Dates this weekend, it was quite funny. Still don't think that is really Drew's real hair. It has to be extensions, as everyone seems to be doing the extension thing. Paris Hilton's looked really bad the other day, I saw her and her sis on Oprah. What is this thing I have with watching Oprah lately? I think I am having too much time on my hands, hopefully that is it, and I am not turning into a middle aged house wife. HA! Ok that was funny, I think I will wake from that nightmare now!


Jennifer said...

Where in San Rafael is this, must go see!!

Did you know that Vanilla is supposedly the #1 smell for turn-ons with men? ;) So if Satan is a little more frisky with you, you'll know why!

Elizabeth said...

Hm, interesting...

To Do:
Get vanilla smelly stuff.

I haven't been to the gym in 3 (or is it 4?) weeks - going to try to go tonight!

vampyregirl said...

hmmm, did not know that about Vanilla, and yes, he did seem a bit more frisky yesterday, but I am also over being sick, and don't look so grotesque as I did, so maybe that was it too! Oh, and Beauty Expo is on 4th street, closer to the freeway, across the street from the yuppie Starbucks!

Jennifer said...

Oh yeah, meant to tell you... what else do you think a bunch of Marin mom's would be doing in the middle of the day other than going to Starfucks? You don't really think they take their kids to the park, do you? Ha.

I will not be associated as being a Marin mom, even though I am, consider me a City mom. :)

vampyregirl said...

I think your daughter is too old for you to hang out in Yuppie Starfucks anyway, as the age for these children were 2 and under! See I said Your daughter was too old, not you! Isn't that a twist!