Friday, August 06, 2004

Toenail Clippers are .....EVIL

Everyone needs to go to the Mangey Cur blog and say hello to my sister. She just started her blog yesterday!

My 3 month review that I had on Wednesday went alright. There were three categories: Needs Improvement, Meets Standards, Exceeds Standards. Well, I met all standards, which is fine, as I don't need to exceed in this job, as I am not looking to become a workaholic manager. So just keep me at meeting standards, and I will be a happy vampyre. But my boss is still freaking out, she left all of us in our region this email saying it was unacceptable that no one was making there quota this week. But the tone of her email was like someone about to have a nervous breakdown........hmmmmmm, she is taking today off, could she be penciling in a nervous breakdown day??

Satan purchased a digital camera yesterday with all of his gift cards from best buy that he received on his bday. It was most amusing watching him walking around looking for things to take pictures of. It was like watching a little kid on Christmas with their new toy. He took two of me which were SOOOOO unflattering ( I was stuffing my face with chips), that I immediately made him figure out the delete function on the camera, and made note to self, do not eat in front of people with digital cameras. Anyway, his next subjects were of course the dogs, who were happy to pose for him. He has left on his camping trip, so I am sure there will be loads of pictures of Chris and nick climbing to view when he comes back. Boys and there toys.....

Our dog Ghost (she is the one wearing the hat) has a new phobia. She seems to think that our kitchen floor is a bottomless pit and is afraid to walk any farther into the kitchen than where her food bowl is. She stands to the side of the dog bowls and howls, and does her tippy toe dance.....When you try and get her farther into the kitchen over by the dishwasher, she runs in circles and high tales it out of the kitchen, through the living room, and runs into the bedroom and runs under the bed. So we were thinking, maybe her toenails need clipping, and that is why she is freaking out about walking on the tile. We then bribed her out from under the bed, and proceeded to clip her toenails. This of course is another long process as, just like having a bath, she hates having her toenails clipped. Satan had to end up sitting on her as I quickly clipped her toenails, the labradors had to be banished to the other room with the door closed while this mayhem happened in the living room, as one traumatized dog is all we can handle in a day, as Willow, our chocolate lab is terrified of toe nail clippers.... Of any kind. Just touching your feet will send her into a panic attack of wheezing and hyper ventilating...Oh the joys of having freaky children!


Elizabeth said...

How did the girls react to Ghost when it was over? Did then run over to her to find out when evil thing you had done to her?

Funny, I have to body slam Kramer to clip his nails too.

Good thing you didn't let Willow see...she would be most traumatized.

Satan walking around with the camera looking for interesting subjects reminds me of me!

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!

vampyregirl said...

willow was sniffing around ghost like, what just happened?? But she had no clue!! What time do you think you will be arriving tomorrow?? As I will go grocery shopping before you get here!!